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The following guide provides Web site links, a list of selected books, and access to online periodical articles about this subject. The Web site links have been researched, evaluated, and annotated by Rio Hondo College Librarians. The Librarians have specifically selected these Web sites to meet the research needs of Rio Hondo College students

Web Site Links

    General Information 

California Franchise Tax Board
The official Web site of the California Franchise Tax Board provides information on how tax dollars are spent and gives answers to the most frequently asked tax questions received by the FTB each year. It features announcements of seminars for tax practitioners, tells how to file taxes electronically from home, and allows user to email the FTB’s executive officer. The site also has links to the Internal Revenue Service, the California state home page, the Board of Equalization, and other state Web pages.

Tax and Accounting Sites Directory
This directory is a “comprehensive index of Internet resources...designed to be a starting point for people."  Click on Federal Law to find Tax Code information; Court decisions; and regulation.  There are also IRS sites; state and local and international tax information; and tax guide and tips.

Internal Revenue Service
This site is maintained by the IRS.  Subjects include: Careers; Freedom of Information Act; The Newsroom, etc.  This site is also available in Spanish.  Current IRS forms and those dating back to 1991 are also accessible on this site.

Tax Planning - AICPA
The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants maintains this site.  FAQs and articles on many aspects of tax planning, including withholding, retirement, real estate, investing.

Tax Policy Center
The Tax Policy Center is a joint venture of the Urban Institute and Brookings Institution.  The Center is comprised of nationally recognized experts in tax, budget, and social policy who have served at the highest levels of government .  Rich site with history and timeline of tax legislation in the U.S.  Commentary and analysis on current tax legislation .

Taxes -- Federal Income Tax Tips, News & Reviews
Comprehensive site on tax planning.  Compete coverage of most tax planning questions and current news stories about taxation.  Includes links for blogs and also a message forum where questions can be asked.  Links for many tax forms and publications.

Yahoo Finance
Yahoo has a very good site that includes tax tools and resources such as a tax estimator, tax calculators, tax forms, and an online tax filing site. This site is very easy to use. 

Filing Taxes 

California Tax Board--Forms and Publications
This site has the California tax forms and a line to click to e-file.  There is a place to click and get forms back to 1985.

Internal Revenue Service--Forms and Publications
This IRS site has tax forms to download.  It also contains forms back to 1990.  Under "resources" in the left column is a link to click that leads to site for e-filing.

The following books can be located in the Rio Hondo College Library.

Reference Books

Business taxpayer information publications
Call number: Ref KF6450.A73B87x

California package X tax forms catalogue
Call number: Ref KFC870.A65F72x

Taxpayer information publications 
Call number: Ref Law KF6301.A33S45

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Finance, Personal


Tax planning--United States

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