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The following guide provides Web site links, a list of selected books, and access to online periodical articles about this subject. The Web site links have been researched, evaluated, and annotated by Rio Hondo College Librarians. The Librarians have specifically selected these Web sites to meet the research needs of Rio Hondo College students

Web Site Links 

Animal Info - Information on Endangered Mammals
The information included for each animal listed includes a "contents, profile, tidbits, status and trends, data on biology and ecology, and references."  Click on the letter of the alphabet that corresponds to the common species name of the primate to access the information.

Great Apes & Other Primates
The Web page from the Smithsonian Institute provides information about gibbons, gorillas, lemurs, orangutans, pygmy marmosets, black howler monkeys, Golden lion tamarins and Golden-headed lion tamarin facts.

Primate Info Net - Primate Factsheets
This Web page is part of the Primate Info Net of the National Primate Research Center at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  Click on the genus name to access a list of links to information about the genus.

Primates On the Brink
This site from the World Conservation Union provides a 2005 repot on the status of the world's 25 most endangered primates.
This is a fascinating site filled with excellent photos of primates, as well as facts, FAQs, articles, research and links from sources all over the world.  Definitely worth exploring.  The photos are especially good.

The following books can be located in the Rio Hondo College Library.

Reference Books

Beacham's guide to international endangered species
Call number: Ref QL82.B435 1998

The encyclopedia of mammals
Call number: Ref QL703.E53 2001

Grzimek's animal life encyclopedia
Call number: Ref QL7.G7813 2004

The international wildlife encyclopedia
Call number: Ref QL9.B8

The multimedia guide to the non-human primates : print version
Call number: Ref QL737.P9B94 1995bx

Primate anatomy : an introduction
Call number: Ref QL737.P9A594 2000

Primates of the world : distribution, abundance, and conservation
Call number: Ref QL737.P9W64 1983

Suggested Subject Headings
For additional titles on this topic at Rio Hondo, click on the following Library of Congress subject headings:





The following media can be located in the Rio Hondo College Library, to be viewed in the Library.

Great apes
Video 000524
Over the past 100 years humans have discovered and nearly destroyed the Gorilla. For an even longer period we have treated Chimpanzees as little more than circus entertainers. Great Apes shows how a few gifted people have changed our perception of Africa's Great Apes forever.

Life on earth : a natural history : the primates
Naturalist David Attenborough presents the history of life over 3 1/2 billion years, blending scientific data with wildlife photography by some of the world's finest photographers, including the Natural History Unit of the British Broadcasting Corporation.
Video 000649 pt. 25&26

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    2.    SU(primates) AND SU(animal behavior)
    3.    SU(primates) AND SU(evolution)
    4.    SU(primates) AND SU(brain)
    5.    SU(PRIMATES) AND SU(anthropology)
    6.    SU(primates) AND SU(research)
    7.    SU(primates) AND SU(monkeys) OR SU(apes)
    8.    SU(Primates genetics )

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