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The following guide provides Web site links, a list of selected books, and access to online periodical articles about this subject. The Web site links have been researched, evaluated, and annotated by Rio Hondo College Librarians. The Librarians have specifically selected these Web sites to meet the research needs of Rio Hondo College students

Web Site Links    

Fight Trafficking in Persons
This web site is from the U.S. Department of Justice and is meant to show what the DOJ is doing to prevent and apprehend traffickers. There is a short fact sheet on the creation of a Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit within the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ in January 2007. In addition, there are brochures, fact sheets, and posters relating to policy, as well as information about successful prosecutions of traffickers.

UK Human Trafficking Centre
The aim of this Centre in the United Kingdom is to "increase knowledge and understanding of human trafficking amongst police and partner agencies, as well as raise awareness of the issue and encourage the public to come forward with information." The web site features individual stories from women who have been trafficked, as well as a Resource Centre that contains many useful links. They urge people to view the short film More Precious Than Gold ( - which "gives a chilling insight into the horrors of child trafficking."

This web site provides information on the effort to combat trafficking in Cambodia, Thailand, and East Timor. The dossiers on each country include directories for service organizations, relevant laws, a discussion forum, case studies, definitions, and documents.

'Human Trafficking : A Global Challenge in Our Own Backyard'
This web site has videos and transcripts from New York University's 2006 event to raise awareness about the local dimensions of a modern day resurgence of the global slave trade. Sponsored by NYU's Center for Global Affairs ( and a couple of other organizations. The centerpiece of the event was a conversation among activists, industry leaders, and government officials moderated by Nicholas Kristof, the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist of the New York Times who has covered and written extensively on the topic. You can listen or watch the videos using the Flash player available here (
This is an organizational web site funded by the U.S. State Department that contains information on trafficking in many parts of the world. It has a very thorough Resources section that includes many publications and links. There is even an Inquiry Corner that states: "We are here to assist you with research requests or inquiries about human trafficking." Follow this link ( to a two-part ABC News Media special on Slavery in Modern America.

Trafficking in Women - Website Guide
This is an annotated 10 page .pdf document from the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies that lists and describes relevant web sites on this topic. All were accessed and working as of October, 2006.

In Plain Sight? Human Trafficking and Research Challenges
This 11 page .pdf document is essentially a long review written by Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick of the 2003 book "In Modern Bondage: Sex Trafficking in the Americas", edited by David E. Guinn and Elissa Steglich. He states that the book " a helpful analysis of the state of trafficking for sexual exploitation in Central America and the Caribbean. The book makes two things clear: how far researchers have been able to come given the scarcity of reliable data; and how much work remains to be done before a clear picture of the nature and magnitude of trafficking and the best means for its eradication is obtained."

Human Trafficking - a subject guide from Michigan State University
This subject guide offers an extensive and comprehensive list of authoritative web sites dealing with human trafficking. Each web site has a short one-sentence description; most are up-to-date and all have been checked recently. Especially good for referring you to information on migrant trafficking.

Comprehensive Services for Survivors of Human Trafficking: Findings from Clients in Three Communities
The Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) within the U.S. Department of Justice is responsible for developing and administering the “Services for Trafficking Victims Discretionary Grant Program—Comprehensive Services Sites.” This document is a study that used in-depth interviews to document victims’ service needs, their experiences using OVC-funded services, and barriers to services. Many quotes from the victims are included that give a window on their experiences. From the well-respected Urban Institute.

The following books can be located in the Rio Hondo College Library.

Reference Books

Illicit trafficking : a reference handbook
Call number: HV6252.K45 2005

Prostitution and sex trafficking
HQ115.P76 2006

Violence against women
HV6250.4.W65V536 2004

Search Strategies

"Human Trafficking" is the approved Library of Congress subject heading for this topic and you should use it when you are searching library catalogs.  On the other hand, searching in online databases or on the Internet using a search engine, you may also try these related terms:

Forced prostitution (Human trafficking)
People trafficking
Sex trafficking
Trafficking in persons
White slave traffic
White slavery
Crimes against humanity
Sex crimes

The following m
otion pictures/DVDs also deal with the subjects of forced prostitution and trafficking:

Born into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids

Memoirs of a Geisha
Sex Traffic
Frontline: Sex Slaves
Last Seen at Angkor
Kurz davor ist es passiert [It Happened Just Before] [German film]

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