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The following guide provides Web site links, a list of selected books, and access to online periodical articles about this subject. The Web site links have been researched, evaluated, and annotated by Rio Hondo College Librarians. The Librarians have specifically selected these Web sites to meet the research needs of Rio Hondo College students

Web Site Links  

American Psychological Association
The American Psychological Association is a scientific and professional organization that represents psychology in the United States.  This site's Google Custom Search feature allows you to find current information from essays, books, journals and other Web documents on most subjects dealing with psychology, including teen depression. 

Focus Adolescent Services -- Teen Depression
"Though the term 'depression' can describe a normal human emotion, it also can refer to a mental health illness.  Depressive illness in children and teens is defined when the feelings of depression persist and interfere with a child or adolescent's ability to function."  This site offers information about teen depression, including signs of depression, treatments and sources for counseling and therapy.

NAMI : A Family Guide : What Familes Should Know about Adolescent Depression and Treatment Options
The Nation's Voice on Medical Illness provides definitions, types and symptoms, and treatment options, both psychological and pharmacological for adolescent depression.

Psychology Information Online -- Depression in Teenagers
This page, developed by psychologist Donald J. Franklin, PhD., is a practical overview of depression in teenagers.  The rest of the Web site includes information about all types of psychological disorders and problems as well as information about forensic psychology.

The Stress Doc -- Teen Depression
This Web site is current and written in a style that will appeal to young people.  It is authored by Mark Gorkin, a licensed social worker who addresses many psychological issues in a congenial format.

Online Databases (Rio Hondo Students only)   

Health & Wellness Resource Center
Provides articles, reference sources, and pamphlets on depression in children and adolescents.

Issues & Controversies @
Search under 'depression' or 'depression in teens' to find articles on Youth Depression, Antidepressant drugs and teens, and other articles related to the subject.

The following books can be located in the Rio Hondo College Library.

Reference Books

Depression sourcebook (Health reference series)
Call number: Ref RC537.D4455 2008

Suggested Subject Headings
For additional titles on this topic at Rio Hondo, click on the following Library of Congress subject headings:

Adolescent psychotherapy

Depression in adolescence

Teenagers--Mental health

Teenagers--Suicidal behavior

The Rio Hondo College Library provides online access to full-text articles through our online databases  Please note:  you must be a Rio Hondo College student, faculty, staff or board member to use these services.

The 5 sample searches below are from the ProQuest database.  Use Advanced Search and type each term in a separate box:

    1.  (SUB(mental depression) and SUB(teenagers) )  (from peer-reviewed journals only)
SU(mental depression) AND SU(teenagers) OR (adolescents)

    3.  (SUB(mental depression) and SUB(teenagers) and treatment or therapy )
    4.  (SUB(teenagers) and SUB(antidepressants) )
(SUB(teenagers) and SUB(suicides & suicide attempts))

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