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Search For Web Sites About Your Topic

You, the student researcher, can use several approaches to locate information about your topic through the Web. Effective Web research means that you can find appropriate Web sites quickly and includes the use of:

• Subject Guides
• Web Directories
• Search Engines

These Web resources, when used effectively, can yield authoritative (quality) Web sites.

Subject Guides
quickly provide links to other Web sites for a particular topic. Subject guides are developed by Librarians who have researched and evaluated Web sites on a particular topic. You use these prescreened Web sites as authoritative sources. Rio Hondo College Librarians have compiled subject guides on numerous topics that are often requested by Rio Hondo College students. To access Rio Hondo College subject guides and links to other subject guides, go to

Web Directories,
especially those that select and evaluate Web sites, are another
good source for Web sites. For a good example of a Web directory that provides
authoritative Web sites see the Librarians’ Index to the Internet at

For links to a number of Web directories see the Library “Web Directories”
page at

Search Engines
can provide a multitude of Web sites about your topic. Remember, it is up to you, the student researcher, to evaluate Web sites and determine if they are appropriate and authoritative.

Instructors do not accept Web site information that is untrue, inappropriate, out of date, or not authoritative. Plan to attend a Search Engines Workshop offered by the Rio Hondo College Librarians. Please call (562) 908-3484 for more information.

Ask Yourself:
Where can I find a few good Web sites about a general topic? For example, abortion, gun control, capital punishment?

Then Do This:
• Use the Rio Hondo College Library Web Site’s Subject Guides at

Ask Yourself:
Where can I browse an evaluated list of topics with links to Web sites?

Then Do This:
• Use a Web Directory such as the Librarians’ Internet Index at

• Also see the links to Web directories at

Ask Yourself:
How can I locate Web sites about a very specific topic?

Then Do This:
• Use a Search Engine such as Google at
• See links to other Search Engines at
• Attend a Search Engine Workshop. ASK A LIBRARIAN for more information or
for assistance with your search.


Step 8 Evaluate Your Sources     

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