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Reference librarians are on duty to assist students, faculty, staff, and community users all hours that the library is open.  There are one or two librarians on duty during library open hours.  The number of librarians on duty depends on the several factors that include but are not limited to: librarians available at the time, library/college budget, and student need for reference assistance.

During all library open hours, at least one librarian is on duty (the second floor reference) to assist library users.  Please come by and introduce yourself to us.  Let us assist you and show you the wonders of the library and the many services we offer to students, faculty, staff, and the members of the Rio Hondo College Board of Trustees.

Spring and Fall Semester Hours

Telephone a Librarian at the Reference Desk
(562) 908-3484

Full-Time Librarians
Robin Babou  (562) 463-3375
Adele Enright  (562) 463-3377
Judy Sevilla-Marzona  (562) 463-3378
Stephanie Wells  (562) 463-3379 

Adjunct (P.T.) Librarians
Vivian Arenas-Velanoweth (562) 908-3484
Benjamin Barba (562) 908-3484
Gabriel Beeler (562) 908-3484
Karen Bourgaize  (562) 908-3484
Seth Daugherty (562) 908-3484
Monique Delatte  (562) 908-3484
William Enright  (562) 908-3484
Angela Langer-Jankovich (562) 908-3484
Carolyn Oldham  (562) 908-3484
Gina Singh (562) 908-3484
Tod Shacklett  (562) 908-3484

Reference Assistance by Email
Online Reference - Email|
Ask a reference question of a Rio Hondo College librarian!  Fill out and submit the form and we will respond within 24 hours (Monday through Thursday only).

last update:  02/2012