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Think Tanks
What is a think tank? What kinds of information can you get from a think tank? If you are writing a paper on a controversial topic or if you just want to look at a public policy issue from a specific political perspective, a think tank can be helpful. You will find articles, reports, research studies, white papers, and other position pieces. Be aware, however, that each think tank views the world through a specific lens. It is best to use a variety of think tanks to be sure you are exposed to all sides of an issue. For timely articles on policy issues, this subject guide also links to selected online versions of  journals with a liberal or conservative bent. Remember to use the archives at each journal for older, but still relevant, articles.

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This is also a long list of think tanks that is collaboratively written and edited by many people with an interest in this topic. It is a project of PR Watch, which in turn is a project of the Center for Media & Democracy. Many listings contain a description of the think tank, its aims and priorities, funding sources, personnel, and contact information.

Political Science Resources Think Tanks
This is a major, comprehensive Web site from the University of Michigan Documents Center. In it you will find links to individual think tanks and working papers as well as additional sources for think tanks.

NIRA's World Directory of Think Tanks 2005
The National Institute for Research Advancement has compiled this directory
which "provides up-to-date information on 320 think tanks selected from 77 countries and regions."

Think Tanks and Research Institutes
This list is compiled by Colgate University and features helpful annotations that describe each think tank.

OpenCRS  New!
The Congressional Research Service reports are written on a variety of topics relevant to current political events. CRS Reports do not become public until a member of Congress releases the report. A number of libraries and non-profit organizations have sought to collect as many of the released reports as possible. Open CRS is a centralized utility that brings together these collections to search. The reports are written by experts in the fields and by librarians, and run the gamut from environmental issues to national security issues, as well as foreign policy, science policy and a host of other topics.

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J. Coe, Librarian 4/2004
updated: 10/07


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