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Sample Instructor, R.N.; M.S.
Fall 1999

This page lists specific articles, journal titles, and searches prepared by Rio Hondo Librarians as well as links to helpful WWW sites.

Eliminating racial and ethic disparities in health; Public Health Reports Anonymous ; Jul/Aug 1998; Text+Graphics
Community panel discussions: From research to community action; Public Health Reports Alvarado, Matilde ; 1996; Full-Text
American Indian perspectives on addiction and recovery; Health & Social Work Christine T Lowery ; May 1998; Full-Text

Publications: Just pick an issue and all the articles in that issue will be displayed
American Journal of Public Health; Washington
Journal of Family Nursing; Thousand Oaks
Journal of Holistic Nursing; Springfield
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved; Nashville

Searches: Pre-configured searches which will pick up the latest articles as they are added to the ProQuest database.
nursing and culture
nursing and ethnicity
Health and Hispanic Americans
Health and Asian Americans
Health and African Americans
public health and minorities

Related WWW sites:
Mega Index for Transcultural and Multicultural Health Links
From Indiana University Northwest, a comprehensive site that not only points to different ethnic sites, but also includes government agency information, essays and surveys in the transcultural nursing field.
A collection of health profiles from the University of Washington.

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