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Health Science 110 -- HUMAN SEXUALITY ISSUES
Sample Instructor
Spring Semester 1999

Instructions to students: choose one topic from the four listed. Read the associated articles. List 2 key points from each article.

The Viagra Phenomenon


Viagra the hard way; Los Angeles Magazine Dirk Mathison ; Oct 1998; Full-Text
The Viagra alternatives; Vegetarian Times Kevin Haynes ; Oct 1998; Full-Text
New drug for erectile dysfunction boon for many, "Viagravation" for some; JAMA Lynne Lamberg ; Sep 9, 1998; Text+Graphics

Male Menopause

Aging Men Lose Testosterone, but It Isn't Male Menopause; Wall Street Journal  Marilyn Chase ; Feb 2, 1998; Full-Text
Do men go through menopause, too?; USA Today Anonymous ; Feb 1998; Full-Text
Who Put the Men in Menopause? Men Did.; [FINAL Edition]; The Washington Post Fred Barbash of the Outlook staff ; Oct 19, 1997; Abstract

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Open debate on hormone-replacement therapy; The Lancet Peter Boyle ; Sep 12, 1998; Full-Text
Study Raises New Questions About Estrogen; Wall Street Journal  Ron Winslow ; Aug 19, 1998; Full-Text
HRT therapy may reduce risk of heart attack and stroke; Geriatrics Anonymous ; Jun 1998; Full-Text

Publications to browse:
Women & Health

The 'Morning After' Pill

The 'Morning-After' Kit; New Emergency Contraceptive Gives Women a Second Chance To Prevent Pregnancy; [FINAL Edition]; The Washington Post Sandra G. Boodman ; Sep 22, 1998; Full-Text
First `Morning-After' Kit For Contraception Backed; [FINAL Edition]; The Washington Post John Schwartz ; Sep 3, 1998; Full-Text
Non-estrogen morning-after pill works best; Science News Nathan Seppa ; Aug 15, 1998; Full-Text

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