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Hot Topics     Text-only version for printing           

Links to "Hot Topics" sites:

Almanac of Policy Issues

"Comprehensive, unbiased background information and links on major U.S. public policy issues."  Includes topics like the death penalty, abortion, global warming, etc.  A general summary of the issue is given, followed by links to news, laws, articles, directories, and organizations dealing with the issue.

Argumentative Essay Topics

Glendale Community College (in Arizona) presents a list of subjects with opposing viewpoints. Each topic has a pro and con statement with sources of Web sites with information on the topic included. Topics are arranged by subjects like bioethics, human rights, etc.

Best Information on the Net - O'Keefe Library  St. Ambrose University

A great site for providing accurate and objective sources of information on many controversial topics, it also includes a lengthy index to other "Hot Topics" sites.

CSU Fullerton Library Research Guides - Special Topics

Outstanding collection of research guides that include links to encyclopedias, statistics, full-text online books as well as titles in the Pollak Library collection [if you see a book title you like, do a search in the Library Catalog box on any subject guide to see if we also have that book], Web sites, and articles.

Hot Topics List

San Diego State University has a site with an alphabetical listing of hot topics. Each topic lists super sites first, followed by a short list of annotated sites. Has a long list of topics.

Multnomah County Library Homework Center

A Social Issues web page is part of the Multnomah County Library Homework Center. The issues are arranged alphabetically. For each issue, mega sites are listed first, followed by sites for the pro and con of the issue, followed by either court decisions or legislation involving that issue. An excellent site with a very easy to use arrangement of Web sites for each issue.

Project Vote Smart

Project Vote Smart, a nonpartisan political information site, offers links to issues organizations. Select an issue from the drop-down box and hit GO for a one line description and link to that group's Web site. You may also "Pick an issue for California" if you wish to research organizations specific to our state.

Public Agenda Online

Public Agenda Online is a site offering "nonpartisan briefing on policy." This site offers an alphabetical list of issue guides like abortion, immigration, welfare, etc. For each issue a group of sites for understanding the subject is listed side by side with a group of sites offering public opinion on the issue. Fact files of graphs, perspectives on each issue, sources and resources, etc. are offered for each issue. It is an excellent arrangement of topics that really gives all aspects of an issue.

Yahoo: Issues and Causes

Yahoo presents a long alphabetical list of issues. Click on an issue and a list of major topics are listed, followed by a long list of Web sites dealing with that issue.

Links to other sources of guides and quality Web sites:    See also the  Web Search Tools page

The Educator's Reference Desk : Search ERIC Database

ERIC is a key component of the National Library of Education. The 16 clearinghouses that contribute to the ERIC databases acquire significant literature within their scope. Click on the bottom of the page on Topics A-Z.  These Info Guides contain print and electronic resources.

Infomine - from UC Riverside

Very good collection of Internet resources. You may search by keyword or browse lists of resources. Strong in sciences and business.

InfoSurf - from UC Santa Barbara

Well organized site with subject guides spanning the breadth of research areas. Particularly useful is the addition of organizations and associations relevant to the subject.

Internet Public Library Pathfinders

Easily navigated site which leans toward more public library oriented topics rather than scholarly research. If you don't find any resources on your topic, you can always "Search the IPL."  Beginning in 2003 this site absorbed the Argus Clearinghouse guides.

Librarian's Index to the Internet

One of the best sources and updated daily with new sites. Sign up to have the weekly list emailed to you!

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