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The following guide provides Web site links, a list of selected books, and access to online periodical articles about this subject. The Web site links have been researched, evaluated, and annotated by Rio Hondo College Librarians. The Librarians have specifically selected these Web sites to meet the research needs of Rio Hondo College students

General Web Site Links    

California Council for the Humanities
The official Web site for the California Stories: Reading The Grapes of Wrath program.  Here you will find information about the program, a list of companion books (, and other useful links (

Gale Biography In Context (Rio Hondo On Campus Users)
Gale Biography In Context (Rio Hondo Off Campus Users)
Provides biographical profiles about John Steinbeck's life and accomplishments.  Gale Biography In Context also provides citations to  magazines, journals, and books about Steinbeck. 

Literature Resource Center  (Rio Hondo On Campus Users)
Literature Resource Center  (Rio Hondo Off Campus Users)
Provides literary criticism, articles, and work overviews for The Grapes of Wrath.  At the home page of Literature Resource Center you must click on 'title' to reset the search screen.  Type: The Grapes of Wrath, click 'exact title' and last click the 'search' butto

John Steinbeck Bibliography
A list of works by John Steinbeck.  Also includes a list of films and a list of movies for television that were made from his works.

NPR : Grapes of Wrath, Present at the Creation
A National Public Radio site that gives a behind the scenes view of the creation, research, and writing of the Grapes of Wrath.  This site also includes the Woody Guthrie 1940 song "Tom Joad" and a scene from the 1940 film The Grapes of Wrath.

Mega Web Sites    

Center for Steinbeck Studies
The center is housed at San Jose State University and directed by Dr. Susan Shillinglaw, noted Steinbeck scholar.  The Web site provides links to information about Steinbeck's life and work, recommended Web sites (, Steinbeck's Nobel prize speech.  It also includes links to information about Steinbeck in Spanish and French.

Encyclopaedia Britannica  (Rio Hondo On Campus Users)
Encyclopaedia Britannica  (Rio Hondo Off Campus Users)
Conduct a search on The Grapes of Wrath and you will find a wealth of resources.  EB lists encyclopaedia articles, provides links to full-text journal and magazine articles and lists several recommended Web sites.

The Grapes of Web
This is the digital companion to California's statewide reading program.  This site provides links to Web sites about John Steinbeck, the novel, the film, Music, Humor, The Dust Bowl, The Great Depression, The New Deal, Route 66, Oklahoma,  Dorthea Lange, Book Clubs, Agricultural Laborers, and Hoovervilles,

John Steinbeck: The California Novels
This Web site was developed by Western Washington University professor emeritus, Ed Stephan.  The Web site consists of links to sites that are related to Steinbeck's California novels.  Links include Steinbeck Facts, Stanford University American Literary Collections; John Steinbeck, History of Salinas Valley, etc.

The following books can be located in the Rio Hondo College Library.

Circulating Books

America and Americans, and selected nonfiction
Call number: E169.1.S8 2002

American exodus : the Dust Bowl migration and Okie culture in California
Call number: HB1985.C2G74 1989

Asian American dreams : the emergence of an American people
Call number: E184.O6Z53 2000

Barron's simplified approach to The grapes of wrath
Call number: PS3537.T3234G852 1967

Crossing over : a Mexican family on the migrant trail
Call number: E184.M5M388 2001

East to America : Korean American life stories
Call number: E184 .K6E27 1996

Factories in the field; the story of migratory farm labor in California
Call number: HD1527.C2M25

The fight in the fields : Cesar Chavez and the Farmworkers movement
Call number: HD6509.C48F47 1997

The grapes of wrath (John Steinbeck centennial ed. (1902-2002))
Call number: PS3537.T3234G8 2002

The Grapes of wrath : a collection of critical essays
Call number: PS3537.T3234G734 1982

The grapes of wrath : text and criticism
Call number: PS3537.T3234G8 1997

The grapes of wrath : text and criticism
Call number: PS3537.T3234G8 1977

Half and half : writers on growing up biracial and bicultural
Call number: HQ777.9.H34 1998

The harvest gypsies : on the road to the Grapes of wrath
Call number: HD1527.C2S798 1988

The Hispanic condition : the power of a people
Call number: E184.S75S75 2001

How to organize a Steinbeck book or film discussion group
Call number: PS3537.T3234Z86641 2002x

Hunger of memory : the education of Richard Rodriguez : an autobiography
Call number: PE1066.R65

John Steinbeck : centennial reflections by American writers
Call number: PS3537.T3234Z86645 2002x

North from Mexico : the Spanish-speaking people of the United States
Call number: E184.M5M394 1990b

Rebirth : Mexican Los Angeles from the great migration to the Great Depression
Call number: F869.L89M455 1999

Sal si puedes = Escape if you can : Cesar Chavez and the new American revolution
Call number: HD6509.C48M38 2000

Steinbeck and the environment : interdisciplinary approaches
Call number: PS3537.T3234Z8669 1997

A summer life
Call number: PS3569.O72Z475 1990

The true adventures of John Steinbeck, writer : a biography
Call number: PS3537.T3234Z616 1984

Understanding The grapes of wrath : a student casebook to issues, sources, and historical documents
Call number: PS3537.T3234G8565 1999

Working cotton
Call number: PZ7.W668174Wo 1992

Working days : the journals of the Grapes of wrath, 1938-1941
Call number: PS3537.T3234G858 1989

The following media can be located in the Rio Hondo College Library, to be viewed in the Library.

Bound for glory
Call number: Video 000393
We ramble with Woody Guthrie, America's great folk balladeer and poet, on his travels across America and thrill as his buoyant spirit battles the social injustice surrounding him with quiet strength and soul-rousing music

The Grapes of wrath
Call number: Video 000090
The migration of the Joad family to California from their dust- bowl farm in Oklahoma during the Great Depression is depicted in this immortal film of the Steinbeck classic

Harvest of shame
Call number: Video 001138
Shows the degradation and exploitation of millions of migratory farm workers in the United States. Spokesmen for the groups present their views, both for and against the use of migratory workers under the conditions seen.

John Steinbeck and the American experience
Call number: Video 000097
Shows how the people and places of Salinas Valley, California relate to John Steinbeck's novels.

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