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'Drop-in' Internet Workshops
Fall 2007

& Thursdays
  ~  1:00 - 2:00 p.m.  ~  Library Gallery, 3rd floor
Name of Workshop
(click on title for description)
Workshop dates : All workshops include hands-on practice :
Using Search Engines Tu - Sept 11 Tu - Oct 2   Tu - Oct 23   Tu - Nov 13
Using the Library Catalog Th - Sept 13 Th - Oct 4 Th - Oct 25 Th - Nov 15
Finding Articles in Databases Tu - Sept 18 Tu - Oct 9 Tu - Oct 30 Tu - Nov 20
Web Sites: Good, Bad & Ugly Th - Sept 20 Th - Oct 11  Th - Nov 1 Tu - Nov 27
Citing Your Sources Tu - Sept 25 Tu - Oct 16 Tu - Nov 6 Th - Nov 29
Research Skills (topics and tools will vary) Th - Sept 27 Th - Oct 18 Th - Nov 8  


Seating is limited to 12 and is first come, first served


If these days and times don't work for you, please note that workshops are available on request for groups of 4 or more students, subject to librarian and room availability. Customized workshops on your choice of topic are also a possibility. For more information or to schedule a workshop, call  X 3484 from campus phones or (562) 908-3484.

  Using  Search Engines

Ever tried typing “Sociology” or “American Literature” into Google? Millions of Web pages! If you’ve ever been frustrated by too much information (or too little), this hands-on workshop is for you. You’ll learn to identify when a search engine is your best tool and that all search engines are not created equal. You will explore the features, advantages and disadvantages of Google, AltaVista and other popular search engines. Then, you’ll learn how to tailor your search to find just the information you need for your assignment—and how to tell the difference between useful information and noise. Even if you’re an experienced Web surfer, you might just learn a few new tricks!

Finding Articles in Online Databases

So you’re a Google power user and a mega-blogger. But did you know that most of the best articles for college research are not on the Web? In this workshop, you’ll learn about the difference between scholarly and popular information. You’ll find journal articles using the powerful ProQuest database as well as other Rio Hondo College Library databases. Topics covered include narrowing your search; finding full text articles without digging through stacks of printed material; and even how to do most of your research from home! Advanced use of Subject terms will also be demonstrated.

Web Sites: the Good, Bad & Ugly

We all know there’s tons of information available on the Web. But all Web pages are not not what they appear to be. Almost anyone can make a professional-looking page these days, and smart people sometimes fall victim to bad information. This fun and informative workshop will teach you how to critically evaluate information you find online—not only for your college research, but also to help you identify hoaxes and urban legends (you mean Elvis isn't alive and living on a UFO?). After taking this workshop, you’ll be able to judge Web material based on authority, accuracy, objectivity, currency, and coverage. And you’ll have a little fun looking at Web pages not to trust…for a few downloads more!

Citing Your Sources

Many students are confused the first time they try to navigate their instructor’s chosen citation format. This workshop will teach you when to cite and how to cite: the basic survival skills. How do you use a long quotation? What do you do when there’s no author or date? And what if your English and psych classes want different formats? You’ll learn how to cite both printed and electronic materials, including websites. We will cover the two most common formats: MLA and APA. Don’t let the “Plagiarism Police” cite you! 

Using the Library Catalog

The library catalog is a powerful tool for finding resources to support your assignments. In this workshop, you’ll go beyond the basics, searching for subject, title and author. You’ll learn how to search for a specific format—what if you want only DVDs? How will you find items like plays, music scores, or other specific items? You'll learn the difference between a keyword search and a subject search. Then, we’ll cover Power Search—the fastest way there is to get what you need and get on with your work.

Research Skills

The aim of this workshop is to throw you into the research process with only a few clues from the "scenario" you will be given. Along with the other students in the workshop, you will work as a team to brainstorm what you know, what you do not know, and what you need to find out in order to BEGIN to solve the problem. All the tools you will need will be at your disposal -- the library catalog, online databases, and the Internet. This "quick and dirty" approach to research closely mirrors real life and is quite fun, as well!

JRC 8/9/07

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