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Viewing and obtaining copies of articles
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Developed by Tatiana Shabelnik

Viewing and obtaining copies of articles

The search results page displays the articles matching the search words you entered.


To view an article, click on its title. For example, if you want to view article 1 entitled "Hewlett-Packard names Jon Hoak chief ethics officer," you need to click on its title.

ProQuest provides you with a citation and bibliographic information followed by the full text.

The citation provides bibliographic information about the article, such as author and publication date. The abstract is a brief summary of the article.

Full Text
Full-text versions of articles include the citation and abstract, along with the complete text of the article.

Text + Graphics
The text and graphics format provides the citation, abstract, and full text of the article. It also includes all of the graphics, such as photographs, illustrations, or charts that were originally published with the article.

Page Image
Page image refers to a scanned page of the article as it was originally published, delivered in Portable Document Format (PDF), a standard format for document sharing and delivery.

Click PRINT to print a copy of an article.

Click EMAIL to email a copy of an article.


Managing Your Articles
You can also use the Marked List to help you manage the articles you've found. Use the Search Results page to save information about your search and the articles it found.

To save an article to your Marked List, check the box next to the article.

To save your search to list of Durable Links, click Save Link. You'll find the Save Link button at the top of your Search Results page. It will allow you to run the same search again later or to combine it with other words in a future search.

To save an article of your interests to the list of Durable Links, use Article Display. Open the article in the display format you prefer, then click Save Link. Save Link button is located at the top of the Article Display page. It will allow you to view the article from another location or to share the article with others by e-mailing the link.