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English 201 Library Orientation - Mr. Ostling
31, 2005

Online Handout - Suggestions for sources

Recent historical event or law

"USA Patriot Act"

JC571.C489 2002X
Silencing political dissent

KF4850.M53 2002
No greater threat :
America after September 11 and the rise of a national security state
Michaels, C. William.

Online Databases:     Pro & Con from CQ Researcher
                                  Issues & Controversies from

Web site:                   USA Patriot Act   (Rio Hondo College Library Subject Guide)
Web site:                        Documents in the News    (from the University of Michigan)
                                  Librarian's Index to the Internet

Non-mainstream political party

JK2261.B493 1998
Two parties--or more? : the American party system
Bibby, John F.

Google search for "Libertarian Party" or "Green Party" or "Socialist Party USA" etc.

Nazism and obedience to authority

Obedience to authority : an experimental view

JX5437.8.T39 1992
The anatomy of the
Nuremberg trials : a personal memoir

DD247.E5A7 1976
Eichmann in
Jerusalem : a report on the banality of evil
Arendt, Hannah.

Crimes of war; a legal, political-documentary, and psychological inquiry into the responsibility of leaders, citizens, and soldiers for criminal acts in wars.
Falk, Richard A.

Web site:    The Trial of Adolf Eichmann  from the Nizkor Project

Fairy Tales

GR550.B47 1976
The uses of enchantment : the meaning and importance of fairy tales
Bettelheim, Bruno.

PN3437.Z56 1988
Fairy tales and the art of subversion : the classical genre for children and the process of civilization
Zipes, Jack David.

The Maid of the North : feminist folk tales from around the world
Phelps, Ethel Johnston.

Sirsi search:     Fairy tales--History and criticism.

 Web site:         SurLaLune Fairy Tale Pages

Legal system in another country

The Statesman's Yearbook

Online Database: Countrywatch

Web site:  

Analysis of a film or comparison of adaptations

PN1993.5.U6R44 1989
American scenarios : the uses of film genre
Reed, Joseph W.

PN1993.5.U6B314 1994
American cinema : one hundred years of filmmaking
Basinger, Jeanine.

PN1995.9.W6F465 1999
Feminist film theory : a reader
Thornham, Sue.

PN1995.M32 1981X
Magill's survey of cinema--English language films, second series
Magill, Frank Northen

PN1997.85.B385 1993
Enser's filmed books and plays : a list of books and plays from which films have been made, 1928-1991
Baskin, Ellen.

PN1995.9.V5V565 2002
Violence in film and television
Torr, James D.,

Sirsi searches:      Horror films--History and criticism.
                             Film adaptations.

DNA Fingerprinting

HV8073.L94 2005
Criminal investigation : the art and the science
Lyman, Michael D

KF9666.5.M37 2005
DNA evidence
Marzilli, Alan.

Web site:          DNA's Link to Corrections (Update)
                    August 2004, Corrections Today Article, National Institute of Justice

DNA Evidence: What Law Enforcement Officers Should Know
July 2003, NIJ Journal, National Institute of Justice

Use of lab animals in genetic engineering

HV4708.A549 2005
Animal rights
Gaughen, Shasta

HV4915.M65 2000
Animal experimentation : a guide to the issues
Monamy, Vaughan

Web site:          Animal Rights subject guide (Rio Hondo College Library)

Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing

Animal Research - Ethical and Humane Use (Americans for Medical Progress)

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