Library Orientation for Eng 101

A. Medina, instructor and A. Enright, Librarian
November 27, 2006

Sample Topic Development and Outline for Research

Topic:   What Risks do Genetically Modified Foods Pose to Humans?

I.    Introduction

  1. Definition of the Genetically Modified Food (GMF)
  2. Overview of GMF

II.    The Creation/Origins

  1. Development of GMF for Animal Consumption
  2. Spread of GMF in Consumer Foods

III.    GMF; Is There a Need?

  1. Pesticide Control
  2. Crop Size Increase

IV.    Current Status of GMF (News Items)

  1. Salinas
  2. Napa Valley

V.    Risks to Humans

  1. Infants and Children
    1.    Diseases
    2.    Birth Defects
  2. Pregnant Women

VI.    Conclusion

  1. The future of GMF
  2. The Need for Monitoring/Testing
  3. The Need to Inform the Public

VII.    Bibliography of Works Cited (sources used)

VIII.    Additional Resources for Further Research

          (sources not used but useful for other researchers)

Article used for topic development and outline: "The Future of Food: An Introduction..."