Library Orientation for:
English 101 - John Marshall

WebCat and Online Databases Activity
by Adele Enright, Librarian 


Instructions: Use WebCat to search for the answers. 

  1. Find and list all books in the RHC Library by Jorge Ramos.  List the number of titles:_____________

    List the title and call number for one book by Jorge Ramos:

    List the floor (example: 3rd floor): ____________________

  2. Find a Controversial Topic book that is in the Reference room about your topic.  List the title and call number:



  3. Find a book on your topic.  List the call number and title of the one of the books:


List the floor: ____________________

Part 2:  Online Databases.  Start at and click on Online Databases

  1. List your topic:_______________________________

    Use the Issues & Controversies database to locate your topic.  List keywords to use to search for your topic:



  2. Use your topic keywords, the keywords above, and several search functions before you decide that your topic is not in the Issues & Controversies database.
  3. Email the article to yourself for future reference.
  4. If you did not find your topic in Issues & Controversies, try another database such as CQ Researcher, SIRS, etc.  Go to the library homepage at: and click on Online Databases to select a different database.  Please ask a Librarian for additional assistance