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Eng 101 - Nay Heng
July 14, 2009

          Search Engines

- Follow up web sites that are cited in scholarly journal articles

- In order to obtain better quality web sites on your topic, perform an Advanced Search on your search engine of choice.  Hint:  Specify the domain from which you want your results to come. For example, for topics marked with * (see chart), try this in Google:

  • HPV vaccine site:gov

  • HPV vaccine site:edu

  • Strategies for evaluating web sites

  • What about Wikipedia?

    • Criticisms:

      • entries can be written by random people or fanatics who love their subjects and may not always be accurate or balanced;

      • anyone can edit and change entries at any time;

      • some entries may not be backed up by authoritative citations;

      • different versions of a page make it difficult to track for citation purposes.

    • Kudos:

      • democratic (you don’t have to have a PhD to write ‘authoritatively’ on your special subject or niche topic);

      • strives for an NPOV (neutral point of view);

      • self-regulating (vandalism is dealt with swiftly);

      • can provide useful Bibliographies on topics (may be selective).





Web Sites

California Budget Crisis


Use California Budget Crisis or  California Budget Deficit  Keyword search



ProQuest: Search california budget crisis or California budget deficit as subject, then refine Sacramento Bee
California Progress Report

Los Angeles Times
Article from Wikipedia

Affirmative Action


Use “Affirmative Action” for your Subject search

ProQuest: Search affirmative action as subject, then refine

- SIRS: download the Affirmative Action research guide.

- Issues & Controversies @


- CQ Researcher

Subject Guides from RHCL site

Librarians’ Internet Index

The Affirmative Action and Diversity Project : A Web Page for Research


Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


Search Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Middle East Peace

Arab-Israeli Conflict

Middle East Relations - United States

Gaza Strip - Ethnic Relations

Jewish-Arab Relations

Jews - Palestine History

Palestinian Arabs - Israel

Search Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Middle East Peace
Arab-Israeli Conflict
Middle east Relations - United States
as subject, then refine


SIRS: Search Israelis Palestine's Conflict

Issues & Controversies:
Search: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


Encyclopedia Britannica
Search: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Search: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

CQ Researcher (use on campus only)
Search: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (

A Personal Diary of The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Webliography: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Understanding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


Middle East and Jewish Studies

The Middle East Report

Israel Daily

Palestine Daily

Middle East Daily

Israeli Government Official Website


"Israeli-Palestinian conflict"
(phrase search)

"Israeli-Palestinian conflict" site:org
(phrase search and domain search)

intitle:Israel Palestine site:edu
(title and default AND search and domain search)

intitle:"middle east" war
(title phrase search with default AND search)

arab* jew* conflict or war site:org
(truncated keywords with default AND, keyword "or" search and domain search)

(url search)
(url search)



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