Rio Hondo College

SOC 110 -- Introduction to Human Sexuality

Group Library Project (50 pts)


Each group will pick a topic from those listed below:


















Finding Journal Articles

1.  Locate a journal article on your topic by searching the library's online database, ProQuest.

     Use the Rio Hondo College Library's handout "Selected Journals Available in Paper" to be

     sure that the article you choose is available in paper in our library.


2.  Find the journal on the shelf in the library's periodical collection or ask for assistance to get

     older issues.  Make a photocopy of the first page of the actual journal article.  Do not print

     the article from ProQuest.  This assignment requires you to use the actual paper copy.


Finding Books

3.  Do a subject search for books in the Rio Hondo College Library on your topic, using the

     library's online catalog, WebCat.  From the library's webpage (, click on

     "Catalog" and then on "WEBCAT".


4.  For the first four books listed about your topic, record the following information:


                        a)  library call number                                   c )  author

                        b)  title of the book                                        d)  year of publication


5.  Write down the location of ONE of the books you found in the catalog (hint: the location is

     given on the right side of the screen under "copies"), find the book on the shelf, and make a

     photocopy of its title page.


Finding Websites

6.  Find two websites on your topic by using the search engine Google (


7.  List the full URL (web address) and title of the two websites.


8.  Find an article about your topic on each website and print the first page from each article.

     Do not just print the first page of the website.  The URL will be longer than the one you

     listed for step 7 above.                      

Individual Library Project (50 pts)


Repeat steps 1 through 8 above on a topic different from your group project topic.

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Remember, if you need help, ask the Reference Librarian for assistance!

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