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Eng 101 - Candida/Shabelnik
October 25, 2010

          Search Engines

- Follow up web sites that are cited in scholarly journal articles

- In order to obtain better quality web sites on your topic, perform an Advanced Search on your search engine of choice.  Hint:  Specify the domain from which you want your results to come. For example, for topics marked with * (see chart), try this in Google:

  • HPV vaccine site:gov

  • HPV vaccine site:edu

  • Strategies for evaluating web sites

  • What about Wikipedia?

    • Criticisms:

      • entries can be written by random people or fanatics who love their subjects and may not always be accurate or balanced;

      • anyone can edit and change entries at any time;

      • some entries may not be backed up by authoritative citations;

      • different versions of a page make it difficult to track for citation purposes.

    • Kudos:

      • democratic (you don’t have to have a PhD to write ‘authoritatively’ on your special subject or niche topic);

      • strives for an NPOV (neutral point of view);

      • self-regulating (vandalism is dealt with swiftly);

      • can provide useful Bibliographies on topics (may be selective).





Web Sites

Legalizing marijuana


Use keyword search:
legalizing marijuana
or  subject search  Marijuana--Therapeutic use--United States



- ProQuest: Search legalizing marijuana as subject, then refine



- Issues & Controversies @


- CQ Researcher

Animal rights


Use “Animal rights" for your Subject search

ProQuest: Search animal rights as subject, then refine


- Issues & Controversies @


- CQ Researcher


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