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Ask a question and get an answer from a Rio Hondo College Librarian.

This service allows a student to ask a Reference Librarian a question from anywhere in the world.  This service strives to bring you the knowledge and expertise of a Reference Librarian in the virtual world.

Please note the following:

  • Questions can be submitted 24 hours a day.
  • Questions are viewed by a Rio Hondo Reference Librarian M-Thurs each day from 8:00 - noon.
  • Questions will be worked on and answered by the Reference Librarian within 24 hours of when they are viewed by the Librarian.  Remember to allow more time if you submit your question between the time period of Thursday noon and Monday before 8:00 a.m.  In other words a librarian will not see your questions from Thursdays after noon, all day Friday, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday.


    1. Please tell me your name:
      First name
      Last name
    2. List your complete email address. This is where your answer will be sent: NOTE! This service will only work for you if you have an email address (your own or a friend's) to which we can send the answer.
    3. Please list the city where you live. This is important, since I may need to direct you to the closest library for your answer if the answer is not available on the Internet:
    4. Enter the date when you need this information:

      -- mm/dd/yy

    5. Now finally you get to ask the question! Please tell me your question. Remember a real living and breathing librarian will read this and work on your question, so tell me as much as you can about the question.


    6. Is this question for a Rio Hondo Virtual College Assignment? If so, please list the course name and number as well as a brief description of the assignment (or where the reference librarian can view the assignment on the course Web page).


    7. What type of answer do you desire?

      Brief answer
      Web source
      Print source
      Web and Print sources

    8. If this answer is not readily available on the Web, but at your local library, would you like  information about your library (address, phone)?


    9. Please list all the sources you have already checked for this question, such as Web sites, books, magazines, etc. This way we won't duplicate your efforts and will be able to respond to you faster.

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