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Internet Workshop #6

Problem-Based Research

  1. For this workshop, you are being thrown together as a group that needs to quickly find qualitative information for a specific purpose.

  2. Here is the scenario that you will tackle:

Let's say that you are members of an industry group of day care center owner/operators and family child caregivers. You've heard from many of your employees that they are concerned about recent toy recalls. They want to know how serious a problem this is and what steps they should take to make sure that the toys they have are not harmful to the children in their care. Someone in your group suggested the Consumers Union as a good place to start. Meanwhile, another industry group, the Toy Industry Association (TIA) wants to reassure parents and the public that the safeguards and regulations that are currently in place are adequate and are being enforced. Trade representatives from China are also expressing concern about the toy recalls; they point out that Mattel recently apologized for harming the reputation of Chinese manufacturers.

  1. Your brief is to define the contours of the toy safety debate. You obviously aren't meant to solve the problem, merely to find good information that will help the day care center providers and family child caregivers decide on a set of strategies with which to address it.

  2. One of the tools that can help you sort out the different issues in this scenario is a KNF chart, which will be provided.

  3. After reading the scenario, you need to decide how to divide up the work and start researching. Depending on what role you take, a  webbing diagram could be useful for this part of the process.  After at least 30 minutes of searching, we will come back together to discuss our results - and also to talk about what was easy for you in this exercise, and what was difficult, confusing or messy.

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(toy safety) OR (toy recalls)

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