January 13 - May 20

Welcome Back to Spring Semester!

Library Factoids

Number of books:

Number of print journals:

Number of online databases:

Number of videos:

Number of music CDs:

Number of library workstations:

Number of newspapers received:

Number of square feet in the library:

Seating capacity:

Number of times library has been used as a location for a TV series:




Laptops for Loan!

The Library has purchased 21 laptop computers for students to check out and use on the 3rd floor only (at this time). We have installed a new wireless network on the third floor which means that Internet access is possible with no wires or cables to get in the way. In brief, the rules for checking out a laptop are:

  • You must be in "Good Standing"  (no fines or overdue material)

  • Complete a Financial Liability Contract

  • Complete 'training' with library staff member

  • Leave your library card and driver's license or California ID at the desk while the laptop is checked out to you

  • Return the laptop on time to maintain eligibility

  • Laptops check out for 2 hours

  • Only 2 laptops (4 hours) in one day

  • Use on 3rd floor only

  • No checkouts 45 min. before closing

  • YOU are financially responsible AT ALL TIMES

The laptops are installed with Windows XP, Microsoft Word and Excel and various other programs. Printing will be available, but print jobs will be picked up from the printer station on the 2nd floor. We highly encourage you to save your work to a floppy disk - as saving to the hard drive is not possible. The laptops come with floppy disk and CD/DVD drives. You can also check out an optical mouse and headphones.

Group Study Rooms

The library can now offer three Group Study Rooms - two of which are located near the Periodicals area on the 2nd floor, and the third across the hall from the library. Two of the rooms contain whiteboards.

Rooms can be booked in 2-hour increments and please do show up once you've booked a room! All Group Study Rooms can be booked at the Help Desk, 2nd floor.

The Annual Used Book Sale

... will be held in March this semester. A wide range of books will be offered, on subjects such as:

  • English Literature & Composition

  • Economics

  • Psychology

  • Criminal Justice

  • Health

  • Music

  • Art

  • Computer Science

  • Education

  • Law

  • Math and Science

  • and much more!

Most books are $1.00 with sets and art books individually priced. Don't miss "BUCK-A-BAG" which takes place at 6:00 p.m.


Issues & Controversies @ FACTS.com

This database has a wealth of information that includes:

  • Primary source documents on timely issues, such as Accounting Industry Regulation, Tobacco & Alcohol Advertising, Three-Strikes Law, and many others.
  • Each issue is documented with relevant editorials, photos, charts, tables, sidebars to additional items or related stories, maps, bibliographies, and contact information.
  • All articles are hyperlinked, so that you can click to find current as well as historical information about the issue.

This is a very good database to use when you want an overview of an issue – it will give you thorough coverage of the topic as well plenty of scope for further research. Recommended!


Take a Virtual Tour of the Library Web site

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Library Orientations

We completed a record number of orientations in Fall semester -- serving over 5,000 students. The majority of these were general orientations but we were pleased at the growing number of customized orientations that are being requested by faculty. Librarians are available to present workshops on individual online databases or search techniques as well as the general "Introduction to the Library" orientation.

Faculty may request an orientation for their class by phone (x3484), in person at the 2nd floor Reference Desk, and now online by completing the form on the Library Web site under the heading  'Just for Faculty'.

Students can also arrange individual workshops with a librarian - now with "hands-on" that utilize the library laptops. Select from the following:

Understanding the Library Catalog Meta Search Engines
Internet Basics Finding Articles in ProQuest
Evaluating Web Sites Citing Electronic Sources
Subject Guides for Research Papers Finding Jobs on the Internet
Web Directories and Portals Investment Sites Online
Search Engines

The Research Paper: Ten Steps to Researching it Right

This is a handbook prepared by two reference librarians here at Rio Hondo College, specifically for Rio Hondo students. In it you will find proven strategies on how to successfully approach and complete a research paper. The tips range from how to choose and narrow your topic to how to cite your sources. The handbook can be downloaded and printed from the Library Web site. Highly recommended!

Q. What is the quickest way to find books, videos, journal articles, and Web sites for your next research paper??

A. Subject Guides!

Q. What ARE subject guides and how do I find them?

A. Think of subject guides as research launch-pads! Web site links, a list of selected books, and access to online periodical articles are included in the guides. The Web site links have been researched, evaluated, and annotated by Rio Hondo College Librarians specifically  to meet the research needs of Rio Hondo College students. You find them on the Library home page under "Guides & Tutorials" or by clicking here.

Q. What if you don't have a guide on my topic?

A. Many academic libraries are providing this kind of research help. Click on go to Other Guides for some specific suggestions.

Old Timer’s Quiz

There is something about Rio – if you get a job here, you tend to stay! Many faculty and staff have 20 or more years under their belts and will have a distinct advantage in finding the answers to this quiz. For the rest of you – it will be a challenge to your research skills!  [HINT: El Paisano]

1) In what year did a California Governor recommend a $20 PER YEAR fee for full-time community college students?

2) Which Rio Hondo librarian has been honored with the "Marian Marion Library Award" given by the California Library Association?

3) When did Jane Fonda speak on the Rio campus?

4) What was originally on the site of the present Police Academy?

5) When was KRHC on the air?

Send your answers to: jcoe@riohondo.edu

The first person to send in the correct answers wins the outstanding prize of a copy card with $5.00 credit on it!!