September 2000

Welcome back!

We’d like to welcome back all returning students and faculty and extend an especially warm welcome to students, staff and faculty new to Rio Hondo this semester.

The Library is a dynamic institution. We are continually working to improve our services and support for students and faculty.

  Services to Faculty

  Bookings for Library Orientations are now being taken. Call x3484 to book over the phone, or come to the 2nd floor Reference Desk. Remember that orientations come in all flavors – from the general introduction to more specialized orientations that cover selected databases or topics. Please include a copy of the assignment when you book an orientation.

  Our Internet Workshops schedule will be out soon. These are hands-on workshops of approximately an hour’s duration that cover the basics of effective Internet use as well as topics such as “Evaluating Web Sites” or “Using Subject Guides for Research.”

  Student-Initiated Workshops are also available. If students cannot attend one of the regularly scheduled workshops, they can get 3 of their friends together and book an individual workshop with a librarian! Please announce this to your students.

  The Reserve Collection is crying out for a copy of your textbook! Please make an effort to place a copy of the book on reserve – students always ask for it and there are many reasons why they might not have their own copy on any given day!

   Assignment Planning is a service we offer all instructors. Before you hand out an assignment to your students, we can give it a dry run using our collection. Sometimes you’d be surprised at how difficult it can be to find the information you are expecting your students to find!




Requests for Resources should be forwarded to Stephanie Wells (x4141). We are here to support your classes with secondary research materials, including books, videos, and journals.

  Sitebuilder! What is it? How can you use it in your classes? We can create specialized Web pages for your class and then link directly to full-text articles in ProQuest. We can also put in pre-configured searches that pick up articles as they are added to ProQuest each time the student clicks on the link. Call or email Jan Coe for more information (x4101) or see the Sitebuilder demo at

Services to Students

  Your Library card is waiting for you at the third floor Circulation Desk! All students are automatically eligible for a library card. You just have to show your enrollment receipt or even a picture ID to obtain the library card. Returning students: you need to have your card updated each semester, so you need to visit the Circulation Desk as well.

  Our music  CD’s are undergoing a new packaging exercise and will be available for loan again later in the semester. This project will make choosing and viewing the playlists for CD’s easier than going through the racks of jewel cases.

   There is now a Reference Librarian on the third floor who is available for help with assignments and with locating books on the fourth floor. Please feel free to sit down and talk with the librarian about resources in our library or on the Internet.

 There are now 27 Internet computers on the second floor.  The addition of 10 new computers over the summer has meant that there is rarely a wait to use a computer – although mid-mornings continue to have the heaviest usage.

  We have set up a Help Desk on the second floor specifically for your printing, downloading, and technical questions. The Help Desk complements the Reference Desk where you will receive help with finding resources in our catalog and on the Web, learning effective search strategies, and help with your assignments.


and on the Web, learning effective search strategies, and help with your assignments.

  The Library Web site is your best bet for starting research. We have prepared new subject guides on a number of popular topics as well as updated many of our previous ones. There is a wealth of information and features on the Web site, so please memorize our address:

  There is an on-going Book Sale just across from the Circulation Desk on the third floor. You will find bargains here that rival!

  Our Internet Workshops will be starting soon. If you cannot attend one of the regularly scheduled workshops, and if you can get 3 of your friends to agree on a specific date and time, we will conduct an orientation just for you!  

*  We have two wheelchair-accessible workstations in the library. These computers have the JAWS program installed and also a reading program called “What You Need Now” or W.Y.N.N. There is a scanner at each workstation that is used to scan text into the programs, but it can also be used for other scanning purposes – e.g. photos, artwork, etc. One of the workstations is now equipped with a 100MB Zip drive for large files.    

Meet our new Interim Dean!

We enthusiastically welcome Victoria Sartwell as the Interim Dean of Student Learning Support. Vickie has 14 years of Math teaching under her belt, as well as experience gained in Special Projects that include stints in the Transfer Center, Institutional Research, and the former Division of Arts & Sciences.

While we expect to keep her very busy with Library matters, Vickie also has responsibility for Articulation, Curriculum Committee, and the Schedule of Classes.