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Special re-modeling edition

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November 1999


In the beginning....

Library plans

Planning for the re-model began well over a year ago. The library staff formed groups to look at the room design, equipment, and workflow elements. Ideas and sketches were discussed at  meetings and a consensus was reached on a floor plan that allowed the maximum number of workstations to be clustered within a minimum amount of space. 

We knew we wanted to get the Internet computers out of the stuffy "tunnel" area, where it tended to heat up and also made passage difficult through to the study carrels.

Computer furniture was chosen that brightened the room and allowed for future growth and flexibility. Ergonomic chairs were purchased. 

Two new ADA-compliant (Americans With Disabilities) workstations were acquired. These computers have large monitors, hard drives and a scanner each. The new workstations are wheelchair accessible. Specialized software programs for the learning disabled and visually impaired were purchased that allows audible screen reading by a synthesized voice.

New carpeting and paint have made this 33-year-old room shine again!

We want to thank everyone who helped with this project - especially David, Fred, Ernie, George,  Bruce, Jesse, and Miguel. We also appreciate the people from Maintenance, Grounds and Operations who did the heavy duty work like removing and carting off all the old shelving. Our student worker Darlene deserves a special mention, as does Mary. They both shuffled hundreds of heavy boxes to and fro during the course of the re-modeling. Thanks as well to Frank, Voiza and Richard for  moving the project forward in a timely manner.


progress seemed slow....


Boxes! Boxes! We need more boxes! Before we finished packing up the Reference Floor, literally hundreds of boxes had to be shifted temporarily to the 4th floor.

Cords hanging

Power cords, phone cords, new network cables, old network cables and security cords festooned the power poles like spaghetti.

Throwing boxes

Throwing empty boxes around was very therapeutic!


The room begins to take shape with the delivery of the furniture.

Periodicals Desk

The Periodicals Desk had to be removed and then re-assembled after the carpeting 


Sometimes the sheer amount of work involved in replacing the books on the shelves seemed overwhelming!

Starting the work

But that was minor compared to the miles of shelving that had to be re-matched and then installed again.


but it was worth it
in the end!

Near Reference Desk

Student workstations now number 21, with potential expansion to 32  sometime in the future.

Reference Floor clusters

The new open arrangement means that help from a Reference Librarian is only a few feet away. Students have expressed their approval and appreciation for a vastly improved research environment.

Through the window

Looking out through the window of the Group Study Room - a cozy place to study with your friends.

Library carrels

Private study carrels line "the tunnel" and make much better 
use of the space.

The Tunnel

The "tunnel" connects the reference area to the law collection.

Periodicals Reading Room

The current periodicals reading area was made more roomy by removing shelves that protruded into the room.

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Some of us:
Rudy, Margaret, Ron, Mary, Tes, Adele, Lorraine, Greg, Darlene, Sandy, La Vonne, Stephanie, David.

Not pictured:
Chris, Laurie, Judy, Jan, Debby, Karen, Robin, Pauline, Steve, Dennis, Josephine,  Peggy, Edna, Maria.