Library Newsletter


Jan/Feb 2000


Welcome Back!

We made it to 2000 with no Y2K mishaps! Although we knew that our automation system and other computer systems were ‘compliant’ (bet that word will never again receive the currency it did in 1999!), there was always the potential that something unexpected might happen. As with most of the rest of the world, it turned out to be a non-event.

Now that that bridge is behind us, we have returned with renewed energy and determination to bring the college community the best possible resources and services.

That’s why this issue will outline once again (or for the first time, as the case may be!) the many ways the library can assist you  - whether you are faculty, staff, or students.

Library Orientations

Seasoned and freshman faculty are encouraged to call the Reference Desk (x 3484) to book an orientation to the library for their classes. Orientations come in two flavors – the “General Introductory” and the “Customized”, which is tailored to your particular interests or even a specific assignment. We ask for a week’s notice, which is necessary in terms of fitting it into the schedule AND giving the librarian a chance to prepare. Orientations are held in the 3rd floor Library Gallery. We have a new video/data projection system in place that makes full use of the screen, as well as allowing a more flexible seating arrangement.

Should you desire some hands-on time during an orientation, the Gallery is equipped with six Internet workstations.

Information about borrowing from the Library

You must be enrolled and have a current library card in order to take material from the Library. Your library card needs to be updated EACH SEMESTER. It is a simple matter of going to the 3rd floor Circulation Desk and takes about a half-minute!

Books and most items have a 3- week borrowing period. You may have a maximum of 10 items on your card. Fines are 25c PER ITEM per day – so you don’t want to let things go too long before you return them.

Reserve Desk

Just a reminder to all faculty that class textbooks and other supporting material can be placed “on reserve” at the Circulation Desk on the 3rd floor. It is always a good idea to place a copy of the class text on reserve for students who have not been able to purchase it or may not have brought it with them on a particular day. Contact the Circulation Desk (x3416) for details.


Internet Workshops

These popular workshops are back! Students: all of our workshops are on a walk-in basis. Just turn up to the Library Gallery on the 3rd floor on the date, time, and topic of your choice. We can even give you Verification of Attendance to earn points with your instructors!

Even though the Internet has become a ubiquitous element of research, many people are still just starting to become comfortable with it. These workshops are for people of varying skill levels and have been expanded to include several new topics – such as “Finding Articles in ProQuest,” “Finding Jobs on the Internet,” and “Investment Sites Online”.

Additionally, if you cannot make one of the scheduled workshops, you can still grab 3 friends and ask for a workshop on request! We’re bending over backwards here! We want all Rio Hondo students to leave the college with some real information competency skills – whether you use them at home, on the job, or in your next college or university.

New databases

Our collection of online databases continues to grow. We now have ten databases and they are:

  •   ProQuest       

  •   SIRS

  •   Britannica Online

  •   Books in Print

  •   ReferenceUSA

  •   RAND California

  •   Literature Resource    Center

      And new for 2000:

  • Health Reference Center

  • Biography Resource Center

  • CountryWatch

Each of these databases has something unique to offer. Attend a workshop or orientation to learn more, or you can check them out on the library’s Web page:

  We are working to devise a method of authentication that will allow the use of ALL databases from off-campus. For the time being, however, these are the five you can access from home (contact the Reference Desk on 908-3484 or x3484 for the account names and passwords) :

Literature Resource Center
Biography Research Center
Health Reference Center

We are also experimenting with adding full-text content (articles) from our ProQuest database to selected guides (see the one on “Abortion”). You will need a password to access these articles – simply call the Reference Desk (908-3484 or x3484 if you are on campus) and once we verify that you are a student, staff or faculty member, you will be given the password. To visit the Subject Guides page or any of the other features on our Web site, go to:


Subject Guides a Must!

One of the most heavily used pages on our Web site is our Subject Guides page. We are adding new subject guides on a regular basis. These guides assist students by winnowing out massive amounts of information to a short list of recommended Web sites on popular topics for research papers.  All the sites are annotated and evaluated by librarians.

Spotlight on New Journal : MAVIN

MAVIN is a quarterly print and online magazine that celebrates
the mixed race experience. It is written, edited, and published by mixed race and transracially adopted people from around the world. MAVIN includes a diverse spectrum of writing and poetry, photo and fashion layouts, celebrity interviews and coverage of newsworthy events.

The word "mavin" has roots in Aramaic and Hebrew and literally means, "one who understands."

This is a fascinating magazine and well worth a look. The features are timely and relevant to students of all ethnic backgrounds. Whether you identify yourself as African-American, Hispanic, Asian-American, Pacific Islander, white, or any combination of the above – you will find these stories eye-opening and immensely interesting.

Meet your full-time librarians

Library Coordinator

Adele Enright (x4101) coordinates the library’s services, and reports to the Dean of Instructional and Student Services Support. She teaches the library’s online course, Library 101, and is a member of the Virtual College Committee.


Stephanie Wells (x4141) is the contact person for collection development. She oversees the selection and acquisition of resources for the library. She serves on the Curriculum Committee.

Judy Sevilla-Marzona (x) is the contact person for library orientations and Internet workshops. Judy is the library representative to the Academic Senate.

Jan Coe (x4105) is the contact person for technical services in the library. She sits on the Virtual College Committee,  Technology Committee, and the Institutional Planning & Effectiveness Planning Committee.

We also have the services of 10 experienced and energetic part-time librarians: Robin Babou, Edna Ball, Karen Bourgaize, Steve Brewster, Peggy Gaugy, Margaret Hogarth, Pauline Manaka, Dennis Petticoffer, Sylvia Valero and Debby Yashar.

Library classified staff info and pics coming next issue!