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This tour will highlight the main areas of the Rio Hondo College Library Web site. Rio Hondo librarians spent many hours designing and providing content for this Web site -- and it is constantly changing. (We like to visit other libraries' Web sites to get ideas and to make sure that Rio Hondo stays ahead of the pack!)

What that means to you, the student, is that every heading and link has been given thought as to its purpose and function. We wanted the Web site to become a launching point for your research needs, both on and off-campus. Go on! Bookmark us now -- or better yet -- make the Rio Library your homepage!

The tour will start with the Navigation Panel below:

Left navigation bar imageWherever you are in a Rio Hondo College Web page, the menu back to the main site is available. Just click in the box for a drop-down menu.

The links on the left show the main headings and sections of  the Library Web site. Again, wherever you are in the Library Web site, these options will be available to you.

Library Home takes you to the main or index page.

   RHC Catalog will take you to our own Sirsi Unicorn catalog (it loads rather slowly)

  Other Libraries' Catalogs links to the online catalogs of other institutions and libraries in our geographical area.

  Online Databases
links to our periodical databases for on and off-campus access. [Quick links directly to the databases are available on the home page. These links are handy if you are on campus. For off-campus access, click on the "Online Databases" link in the left-hand navigation panel].
  Guides and Tutorials is a very important section! In it we include links to Subject Guides on various topics developed by RHC librarians; pages on how to correctly cite electronic resources; lists of popular research topics, and more. 
  Web Search Tools sends you straight to the best subject directories and search engines. There are useful charts that compare the features of the various top search engines and also compare and contrast the merits of search engines vs. subject directories.
  Online Reference is where you can Ask A Reference Librarian a question and it will be seen and answered by a real live librarian. We also direct you to useful online resources such as dictionaries and other reference tools.
  General Info
will tell you about the library Web site, our hours and contact numbers, a FAQ, and most importantly our Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

News and Special Events will change from time to time as we add new features or publicize events.

Let's proceed now to the Online Databases page