Spring 2006

This page was updated on: 05/11/2006
Class Announcements:  
Important Dates: Event: Notes:
April 17 Subject Encyclopedia Group Activity  & Presentations (part 1) See Unit 8
April 19 Subject Encyclopedia Individual Due See Unit 8
April 19 Concept Map in-class and due at end of class See Unit 8
April 24 Refined Research Topic due See Unit 8 and Unit 6
Wed April 26 Portfolio due See Course Schedule Unit 1
Wed April 26 Research Topic Outline See Unit 8 and Unit 5
Monday May 1 For your Research Topic: MLA Citations with Annotations for 1 Encyclopedia article, 1 Subject Encyclopedia, & 1 circulating book (TYPED) See Unit 8
May 15 Database Exploration due
May 17 Research Project due & Presentations See Unit 5
Mon May 22 No Class meeting (finals week schedule)
Wed May 24 Quiz 4 & Student Course Evaluation

Please see the course syllabus and course schedule for more information about additional due dates on activities, assignments, and other items.