Course Topics for LIB 101

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1 Intro to course:
Course Structure
Self Evaluation
Student Info Survey
Classmate Interview
2 Review for Quiz 1
Information Cycle
Information Environment
3 Quiz 1
Library Basics:

Academic Libraries
Public Libraries
Library of Congress

Intro to the Internet and  WWW
Virtual Libraries
Web Directories
Subject Guides
Quiz 2 Review

5 Quiz 2
Intro to the Research Project

Intro to the RHC Library Web Site
“The Research Paper….” from the RHCL Web site
The Research Project (in detail)
6 Topic Development
General Encyclopedias
7 Bibliographic Information
Library Catalogs
Library Call numbers

Lib of Congress Subject Headings
Keyword Vs. Subject Headings
Quiz 3 - Review
8 Subject Encyclopedia in Small Group and Individual Activity
Topic Refinement
Concept Mapping of Topic
Outline Your Research Topic

Review Requirements for the Final Research Project with samples
9 MLA Citations - Intro (bring your general encyclopedia and subject encyclopedia article)
Creating an Annotation
Evaluating Information (Book) Sources
Annotating Books
- using parts of book, reviews, and other materials
10 Primary & Secondary Sources
11 Periodical and Online Database Intro:
Print Indexes
Online Periodical Index databases -full-text
Free and Fee($$) databases
Evaluating Scholarly Journal vs. General/Popular Magazines
Database Discovery Assignment
12 Evaluating Web Sites
Tips for Presentation to Class (Presentations are on May 17th)
13 Search Strategies
General Search Engines
Review of search engine features Introduction to Teoma
Quiz 4 Review
14 Specialized Databases
MLA Citations for Periodical Articles
15 Privacy
Patriot Act
16 Final
Added as needed Meta-Search Engines
Added as needed Statistical Resources:
Print and Online
Added as needed Biography Resources
Added as needed Career Resources