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Dean of the Library and Instructional Support
Kathleen Gustafson 
KJ Lodico, Library, Sr. Secretary x3417

Librarians (Full-time)
All librarians are faculty and participate in:

The following are the full-time librarians and their major areas of responsibility:

Robin Babou  x3375

Adele Enright  x3377 (85% load for 2012-2013)

Judy Sevilla-Marzona  x3378

Stephanie Wells  x3379

Librarians (Part-time)  x3484
Vivian Arenas-Velanoweth
Benjamin Barba
Gabriel Beeler
Karen Bourgaize
Monique Delatte
William Enright
Angela Langer-Jankovich
Carolyn Oldham

Gina Singh
Tod Shacklett

Department Secretary
Keo-Jye (KJ) Lodico x3417

Library Computer Systems & Operations
David Johnson  x 3419

Library Technicians
LaVonne Hirabayashi  x3753
Rudy Martinez  x3373
Sandra Rivera  x3208
Tes Safavi  x4605
Maria Carmona Herrera  x3416

Library Clerk
Laurie Yount  x3416

Library Clerk (Part-Time)
Candy Lam  x3416

last update: AE, October 2012