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Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Guidelines for Responsible Use of the Internet
The provisions stated in this document serve as an acceptable use policy which governs the use of computers and networks in the Rio Hondo College Library. Please note that the use of computer systems in the  Library is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. It is the objective of the Library to maintain an atmosphere of constructive learning, academic freedom, and proper asset management and control. In order to meet this objective, each user is responsible for the use of the computing resources in an effective, efficient, ethical, and lawful manner.

The Library computers are open-access and available on a first-come, first-served basis to students, staff, faculty, and district residents of Rio Hondo College.


  • All users must agree to abide by the guidelines established in this Acceptable Use Policy

  • Each user must understand and acknowledge that his/her freedom to access and display information is constrained by the rights of others.

  • No person may use Library computer resources for any illegal or unauthorized act. Specifically, individuals may not use computing resources to violate any state or federal laws or any regulation of Rio Hondo Community College including, but not limited to, any laws and regulations governing the creation, dissemination, or possession of pornography or other illegal documents or images; the possession or use of programs, files or instructions for violating system security; and the violation of copyright law.

  • Library computer resources may not be used to intimidate or create an atmosphere of harassment based upon gender, race, religion, ethnic origin, creed, or sexual orientation. Fraudulent, threatening, or obscene email, graphics, or other electronic communications are prohibited.

  • Changing, modifying, or eliminating Library computer configurations and loading any application or program software onto the Library computers is prohibited.

  • The availability of Internet resources will be determined by staff at Rio Hondo College Library. As of this writing, non-course-related chat or chat-like activities are NOT allowed.


If a computer user violates any of the acceptable use provisions outlined in this document, his/her computer privileges will be terminated and future access may be denied. Some violations constitute a criminal offense and may result in legal action and/or other penalties as deemed warranted by the Vice President for Student & Academic Services.


Note: Using the Library Internet computers constitutes acceptance of this agreement.

  • I understand  that to use the Library Internet computers, I must be a currently registered borrower in good standing of the Rio Hondo College Library.

  • I understand that the use of the Internet computers is a privilege, not a right, which may be revoked at any time for inappropriate conduct.

  • I agree to report any hardware or software malfunctions to the Library staff immediately.

  • I understand that the Rio Hondo College Library is not responsible for any damage to my portable data storage or personal computer equipment.

  • I understand that the Internet computers are in a public environment and accept that privacy is not guaranteed.

  • I understand that I may not use non course-related chat or chat-like activities on the Library Internet computers.

  • I understand that any failure on my part to comply with the stipulations of this Agreement and the Library's Acceptable Use Policy: Guidelines for Responsible Use of the Internet may result in the suspension of my Library Internet privileges and possible disciplinary action.

I acknowledge that I have read "Guidelines for Responsible Use of the Internet" and this Agreement and I agree to follow the Acceptable Use Policy.


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