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Library card and borrowing questions

1. How do I get a library card?

  • Starting in Fall 2010, your Rio Hondo student ID serves as your library card as well.  Simply go to the Circulation desk at the entrance of the Library to activate/update your privileges.  This must be done each semester.  If you have lost your student ID, a replacement card can be obtained from Admissions.

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2. How long is the borrowing period?

  • 3 weeks for books, music CD's and pamphlets.

  • Videos -- in-house use only

  • Periodicals -- in-house use only

  • Books on Reserve -- varies, check with the Circulation Desk

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3. What if my books are overdue?

  • The overdue fines are 25c per day PER ITEM.

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4. What if I lose a book?

  • You pay the cost of a book plus a $10 non-refundable processing fee.  If you later find the book (within one year) and return it, we will refund you the cost of the book.

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5. How do I renew a book?

  • You are allowed one renewal in person at the Circulation Desk or over the phone IF it is not overdue already.  Call the Circulation Desk if in doubt: (562) 908-3416.

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6. Can I check out a book if I don't have my student ID with me?

  • A student ID is required to check out all materials.

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7. Can I check out a magazine or journal  if I don't have my student ID with me?

  • Magazine and journals are for room use only.  However, if you need help finding online articles, or articles from back issues, check with a Librarian.

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8. Why can't I check out the books on the Reference (2nd) floor?

  • The books in Reference include specialized subject encyclopedias, atlases, gazetteers, statistical manuals, handbooks of various kinds, and indexes.  Generally these kinds of works are only consulted for a short amount of time and need to be on hand at all times for everyone to use.

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