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Where do I return books?

You may return books in any of these three locations:
• The return slot in the Circulation Desk inside the Library;
• The return slot in the Library lobby’s wall, before you enter the security gate. Make a right at the top of the Learning Resource Center (LRC) stairs.
• The book drop to the right of the entrance to the LRC in the lower quad.

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Where are the restrooms?

The Library restrooms are located inside the library adjacent to the Reference Desk and the Computer Commons.

Where is the Learning Assistance Center (LAC)?

The LAC is in the first floor of the Learning Resource Center. It offers free tutoring assistance. It also houses computers which can be used to type up assignments and research papers. Call (562) 908-3418 for hours and other details.

Where is the Reading Skills Lab? The Writing Workshop Lab?

Both are located on the first floor of the LRC.

Where can I type up my paper?

• Microsoft Word has been installed on all of the Internet workstations in the Library. To print your paper from an Internet workstation, you will need a copy card (link here).
• The LAC has a number of computers equipped with word processing and other software.
• You can also use the computers in the District Business Lab located in the Business building, B-107. For more information, call (562)463-7364.

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Where are the photocopiers? What’s it cost to make a copy?

• The photocopiers are in the Copy Center just beyond the Circulation Desk.
• The photocopiers accept only copy cards which you can purchase from the card dispenser in the Copy Center (SEE:
Printing and photocopying).
• Photocopies and prints are 10˘ per page with a copy card.

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Where do I find the book my instructor has put “on reserve”?

The Reserve books are behind the Circulation Desk. The staff at the Circulation Desk will retrieve your book for you. Be ready to provide your course name, instructor name, course title, or all 3!

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Where can I find a quiet place to study?

The Reading Room (nicknamed the “Tree House”) beyond the Reference Desk is designated as a quiet study area. There are also individual study carrels by the south-facing windows in the book stacks area overlooking Rose Hills.

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Is there a place for “group study”?

Yes, there are seven (7) group study rooms in the Library, each of which will seat 2-6 people. Bookings are for two (2) hours at a time and can be made at the Reference Desk.

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last update: GB, 12/2013