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Group Study Rooms     [text version for printing]  

1. What are group study rooms?

  • The Library has seven (7) small rooms that can accommodate 2-6 students who wish to study together or do group work.  They may be reserved for two (2) hours’ use.

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2. Where are the group study rooms?

  • The study rooms are in the west wing of the Library, just past the Reference desk.

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3. How many group study rooms are there?

4. Who can use the group study rooms?

  • Rio Hondo College students in good standing who want to study together or work on group projects may use the rooms.

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5. How many students make a group?

  • To be eligible to use the group study room, a group must have at least two (2) members.

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6. How do I make arrangements to use the group study room?

  • Make a reservation at the Reference Desk in person or by calling (562)908-3484.  The librarian on duty will take down your preferred date and time slot, your name and the number of people in your group.

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7. Does my group need to arrive on time for our group study room reservation?

  • Yes.  It is always a good idea to be punctual since the group study rooms will be given to another group if you are more than 10 minutes late for your reservation time.

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8. When can I use a group study room?

  • Any time the library is open.

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9. Can I use the study room by myself while I wait for my study partners to show up?

  • No.  At least two (2) members of the group must be present to use the group study room

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10. Can I study in a group study room by myself if a group study room is empty and a group  has not reserved the room?

  • No.  The group study rooms are kept available for groups only

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11. What about eating and drinking in the group study rooms?

  • Just like the rest of the library only bottled water is allowed in the group study rooms.

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12. How loud can we be in the group study room since the door is closed?

  • As in other parts of the library, disruptive behavior is prohibited.
  • Keep conversations low enough so that your group does not disturb students in the rest of the library.

13. What if we have to cancel our reservation?

  • Please inform the librarian at the Reference Desk either in person, by phone (562)908-3484 or by e-mail
    as soon as possible so the room can be given to another group that may be waiting for a study room.

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