Group Study Rooms     [text version for printing]     [back to graphic version]  

1. What are group study rooms?

2. Where are the group study rooms?

3. How many group study rooms are there?

4. Who can use the group study rooms?

5. How many students make a group?

6. How do I make arrangements to use the group study room?

7. Does my group need to arrive on time for our group study room reservation?

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8. When can I a the group study room?

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9. Can I use the study room by myself while I wait for my study partners to show up?

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10. Can I study in a group study room by myself if a group study room is empty and a group  has not reserved the room?

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11. What about eating and drinking in the group study rooms?

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12. How loud can we be in the group study room since the door is closed?

13. What if we have to cancel our reservation?

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last update: J. Sevilla-Marzona, 2/2012